What is PeerWell?

PeerWell is a surgery optimization program. Basically, those are really big words for "we help you get ready for surgery and recover faster so you can back to what's most important to you again." When you sign up, you'll get 10-15 of new tasks and exercises every day that are tailored to you and your surgery type. 

Before surgery (prehab)

  • You'll get information on food's impacts on surgery and recovery
  • Learn how to prepare your home and your support network
  • Understand what to expect during and after your procedure
  • Begin physical therapy exercises to help strengthen the muscles which will help you compensate after surgery
  • Learn techniques to manage pain, stress, and anxiety 
  • And much more. 

After surgery (rehab) 

  • You'll get information for your stage of recovery to avoid infection or reinjury
  • Step-by-step videos help you with daily tasks like wound care, bathing, sleep positions, braces, crutches, etc.
  • On-demand physical therapy instruction helps keep you on track with practicing between visits
  • Master pain management techniques and use fewer prescription narcotics
  • Get nutrition tips for quickly rebuilding muscles and bones
  • Provide regular measures via the app to keep your Care Team informed of your progress
  • Revisit daily tasks as many times as you like during surgery recovery and beyond

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