Age of devices that can be used

Does the app work on all devices?

The app works best on smartphones with iOS 9 or later / Android 4.0.4 or later.

Does the app work on older devices?

For Apple devices, the app will work on any device that has at least iOS 9 or later. PeerWell runs on the following devices:
iPad Air
iPad Air 2
iPad Mini
iPad Mini 2
iPad Mini 3
iPad 4th generation
iPad 3rd generation
iPad 2
iPhone 6 Plus
iPhone 6
iPhone 5S
iPhone 5C
iPhone 5
iPhone 4S
iPod Touch 5th generation

Android devices that are 4.0.4 or later are for the most part supported, but there are some older devices that do not support all the features in the app. If your device doesn't have the hardware required to complete a task, the app will let you know.

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